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  • 9 Of The More Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have In Your Kitchen

    Salad Spinner

    Everyone loves the usefulness of a salad spinner. It may take up a bit more room in your cupboards but can also serve as a handy storage bowl when it comes to your freshly washed salad leaves.

    Microplane Zester

    This classic gadget works well on a variety of items such as citrus, chocolate and hard cheeses.

    Mandoline Slicer

    This is definitely one of the favorites and can speed up tasks in your kitchen. This tool juliennes, minces and slices. Just make sure you watch your fingers.

    Garlic Press

    A popular favorite, especially for the people who frequently prepare meals that include 10 to 15 minced garlic cloves.


    Like the timers, the thermometer is not usually thought of as a type of gadget. However, they are classified as designed tools that include one of the essentials inside a kitchen. This is the type of gadget that does away with the guesswork. You can read useful Kitchen Gadget Lab reviews for you to choose the right one. You may want to invest in 3 which includes the deep fry, oven and instant read.

    Manual Juicer

    Not everyone makes use of their juicers every day, but for the type that do, the well-designed juicers and far better than a citrus juicer or small reamers. The powerful juicers are the ideal gadgets for individuals that prefer fresh juices or the one that bake cakes that contain lemon juice.


    One of the favorites for many homeowners, this a small manual food-processor which will become your consistent companion, especially in the summer months. It is ideal for making the perfect salsas, rubs and dips, and is far easier and lighter to clean in comparison to a food processor.

    Pepper Mill

    Investing in a durable pepper mill is one of the most important gadgets for just about any kitchen and is one of the classic examples of how some of the tools serve only one purpose. You could use your spice mill for pepper, but when you use a lot of pepper, using a spice mill would be impractical.

    Electric Can Opener

    A good can opener is one of those great gadgets, with no other tool that can really replace it.

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